Learn Acoustic Guitar



Tuesday 08 January 2019

Learn Acoustic Guitar

Learning to play a musical instrument is not obvious, not even the guitar. However, learning the guitar is quite easy: you learn the main major and minor chords, learn to play the picks and then put your fingers on the neck, either to make chords, riffs or solos. However, not everyone has the same learning ability: some will have a musical ear while others will not, some will have musical or musical notions that will help them interpret what they need to decipher. Guitar lessons are more easily assimilated, but for others it takes hours of work. There are people who, on the contrary, are not comfortable with their hands or fingers and will not know how to properly hold a guitar or how to start playing.

It's a matter of motivation !

The ability to learn is inherent in everyone, your brain is able to perform this task continuously from the moment you acquire a certain method of learning. To learn the guitar, discover this new universe with its strings, its writing, its jargon and its references, it is necessary to transform the way of thinking and this is only possible by motivation. The more you practice, the more your brain will create its connections to allow you to assimilate information. Regular practice will make you pass the steps much easier than working 3 hours twice a month.

There are two types of guitarists.

There are two types of guitarists, the self-taught and the one who needs support, a guide and who will need guitar lessons. 

The self-taught guitarist 

The self-taught will try to do everything by himself: his confidence and motivation are real engines that will propel him forward. You will look for all possible ways to develop your passion, feed it and learn a little more every day. Motivation and well
- being are the foundations of your learning. Starting to play the guitar is above all a pleasure. 

There are many methods on paper, but there are also other media available:
- DVD with exercises to repeat at home,
- Ebooks that often group tablatures and methods to work a specific point, 
- Magazines that are mainly complementary for guitar learning,
- Internet: of course, Internet has changed the landscape of guitar learning. With videos, tutorials, online courses, you have great access to the world of guitar. If you are disciplined and rigorous, this is a very interesting and economical alternative. 

The CoachGuitar method allows you to learn to play guitar with 5 colors, without musical knowledge and at your own pace. You can also give a gift to someone who wants to learn guitar through this kind of course. 
- Video games are also there to learn guitar

The beginner 
Guitarist who will need outside help

For those who need support, who have a greater need to learn fast and well, it is possible to take private lessons with a guitar teacher. Guitar lessons A guitar teacher will make it easier for you to learn. You can find guitar lessons in music schools, in an association, in a youth council, in a cultural entertainment center or in the conservatory closest to you. Finally, it is possible for a guitar teacher to come and give you lessons at home. The advantage of this method is that you will have regular follow-up thanks to the presence of an experienced professional. If you fail, if you stagnate, if you ask questions, it will be there to give you tips and tricks.

Acoustic Guitar as a starting instrument

There are 2 types of acoustic guitar, the so-called Folk Guitar and the so-called Classical Folk Guitar: it has a finer handle, steel strings, a clearer and more assertive sound. You can play with a plectrum or with your fingers. It makes it possible to play rock, pop, blues 

The classical guitar: it has a wider neck, nylon strings, a warmer and deeper sound. You can play it only with the dots because the pick will not be appropriate. It allows you to play classical, flamenco, jazz songs