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The 1 Year Giftcard is a great gift for anyone who attemps to start guitar

  • 1 year access and more than 1000 lessons available
  • New lessons every week
  • For beginners, intermediate and confirmed players
  • No musical theory knowledge required
  • HD Video Lessons
  • Animated fretboard with 5 colors - a unique method
  • Slowmotion, Loop and Step by Step features
  • For right handed and left handed players
  • Backing tracks with professionnal voices and orchestra
  • Tablatures included
  • Free guitar tuner included, with 80 alternative tunings
  • Available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC
  • The Giftcard code is sent by email and can be activated directly

Some good tips to go with a great gift

Find a guitar that suits :

If you don't have a guitar yet:
Choose an entry-level electric guitar such as the "Yamaha - EG112GPIIH - Electric Guitar Pack and Amplifier" because it's a good guitar with a good price / quality ratio and everything is provided.

Or Choose an acoustic guitar entry level such as the "Epiphone hummingbird " because it is a very good guitar with a good price / quality ratio and the sound is beautifully balanced.

Have good strings :

We often advise to change the strings to give some pep to the sounds. You can choose ropes thin, more flexible and more easy to play called "Extra Light" or normal strings called "Light".

Have a guitar foot :

Because the guitar is also an element of decoration, having a guitar foot to put his instrument greatly facilitates learning. Why ? and because you do not have to put it away in a cover, you take it right away even when you're in your thoughts. The important thing is to play again and again, no matter when and how.

Have a guitar tuner :

It is very important to start playing a well tuned guitar because you may be disappointed with the outcome of your game when in fact it is the guitar that is not well tuned. For this, we recommend our application Coach Tuner for iOS, to download: here

You can also choose an electronic tuner such as the " Snark St 2 " which is put on the neck of your guitar and tell you if this or that string are too tight or too relaxed. It will turn the mechanics on the handle to make the right adjustment.

Have a good pick :

The pick is the famous piece of plastic that is held in the hand that scratches the strings. The latter seems harmless but it is very important to make the right choice. The thickness of the pick is important. The finer the pick, the more flexible it is, it reacts slower to attacks on the strings. The thicker he is, the faster he reacts to attacks, he is more difficult to play. We therefore advise the medium size which is 0.80 mm which will allow you to play as well in accompaniment as to make solos.