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Play your way

Encuentra la chispa que necesitas para tocar la guitarra

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Ideal para personas a las que no les guste centrarse en la teoría y quieran ir al grano
Lo recomiendo, soy principiante y estoy aprendiendo un montón
He probado otras aplicaciones, pero no tenían unas categorías tan amplias como CoachGuitar. ¡Me encanta!
Es una buena aplicación para aprender si eres principiante o incluso si ya has empezado a tocar

Un mundo de canciones

Aprende más y más canciones a lo largo del recorrido

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Desarrolla tus habilidades

Amplify your potential with CoachGuitar


Afinar tu guitarra


Aprende paso a paso con un método visual


Aprende paso a paso con un método visual


Perfecciona tu técnica con corrección en tiempo real


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Sigue tu progreso


Llévate al profesor a todas partes

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Lecciones de gran calidad en tu bolsillo

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  • Actualizaciones semanales
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  • Profesores reales
  • Acordes
  • Lecciones detalladas
  • Canciones de todos los niveles

Nos respaldan

CoachGuitar está ayudando a todos los que quieren tocar la guitarra. Realmente no se habla de tecnología, sino del arte mismo

CoachGuitar hace muy fácil aprender canciones. La aplicación proporciona todas las sutilezas que permiten aprender una canción rápido y con precisión.
Me encanta

Frequently asked questions

CoachGuitar is the only fully visual way to learn Guitar. Playful and progressive, our intuitive color-based process will have you playing your first tunes in minutes! We’ll show you everything you need.

You want to play the greatest songs ever made or the current chart toppers?
We have them all here: dig into thousands of guided videos and hundreds of hours of high quality immersive courses.
Try it now and join the millions of people who have already improved their guitar skills

Membership includes more than 1000 songs to learn, from master pieces to current chart toppers.
Each lesson comes with highly detailed videos, tablature and backing tracks.
You also access a guided path for beginners, that allows you to learn the basics of guitar with a very progressive level of difficulty.
Everything is made by our professional musicians

CoachGuitar is available at $19,99 per month. You also can save 50% by subscribing for 12 months to the price of $119,99 ($9,99/month)
The price covers an unlimited access, on all your devices.

CoachGuitar is non-binding and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. The cancellation will be effective at the end of the period for which you have paid. To unsubscribe, follow these 5 steps:

1. Identify yourself on
2. Select your profile
3. Select Account
4. Select Subscription
5. Select Manage My Subscription
6. Select Cancel Plan to terminate

CoachGuitar is accessible on Smartphones & Tablets (iOS / Android), and web browsers. Your account is linked between all devices, so you can start a course on the web and continue it on your smartphone with the CoachGuitar App

We made CoachGuitar so that it is very easy for you to begin with guitar. Our users usually say that they improve much faster with CoachGuitar than with any other method. As long as you are enthousiast to learn, CoachGuitar will have you playing your first riffs in minutes, and first songs in only few days.

CoachGuitar is unique with its method based on visual tutorials and learning by mimic. Starting to play the guitar can be challenging, so we built the method to make everything easier and detailed enough to give you real progress.

Adding to this, our professional teachers play for you the songs you love with a level of care and details you will not find anywhere else.
CoachGuitar is the most complete and accessible guitar learning service out there.