Why play the guitar? Five good reasons.



Thursday 09 November 2017

Why play the guitar? Five good reasons.

You may just want to vibrate crowds and guitar strings like Jimmy Hendrix, because you love it, but in fact there are good reasons for practicing a musical instrument, especially the guitar.

1: because it is an instrument accessible to everyone

The guitar is accessible, on the one hand its price is affordable for all purses. On the other hand, because it is an easy to learn instrument, which does not necessarily need to go through the box to play it!

2: To relieve stress

Some people choose sport, others a cultural activity, the guitar allows you to travel and think about something other than your working day. Regular practice of a musical instrument relaxes and relaxes, it is a real music therapy! The guitar also makes the body and muscles work, it's sports without looking like it!

3: Guitar makes the mind work

And yes, learning, scales, songs, harmonic suites, it makes the intellect work! Your memory will take a hell of a boost! If you start composing, even for fun, your creative abilities will be literally boosted!

4: Guitar Makes Humble

After learning to play the guitar, you will never see the same world again, learning an instrument sets the clock on time! After working for hours and hours on a difficult piece, you will have more compassion for others. You will see the value of the work much differently than before, you will appreciate the effort more, regardless of the discipline!

5: The guitar improves your concentration


For good, you have to know how to stay focused on these exercises. The same goes when you play for other people, because even in sometimes noisy environments, when you play with your family or in concert, there will always be noisy noises, talking people, etc. You will learn to stay focused and keep calm in all circumstances!