Why a tuner with a needle?



Monday 20 November 2017

Why a tuner with a needle?

There are many guitar tuners, from simple tuning fork to tune the ear, to the “harmonica” tuning fork in the shape of a star, with 6 sounds each representing the sound of a string, to the electronic tuner with small light diodes. But the one who wins above all is the tuner with a needle.

Tuning quickly and visually

The needle is very interesting because it gives a simple and understandable visualization of the tuning level of an instrument (or distuning depending on whether you see the glass half full or half empty!). If the hand is too left, it is known that you have to turn the wheel counter-clockwise to tighten the string and thus “increase” the note. If the needle is too right, you need to relax the guitar string. The farther you are from the center represented by the middle of the mark, the more you need to turn the wheel.

CoachTuner: Free tuner for iPhone and iPad

CoachTuner is our tuner for iOS, it uses the needle principle. In addition, it offers hundreds of alternative tunings. It is therefore very interesting if you want to get off the beaten track and from the usual Mi La Ré Sol Si Mi (as a beginner guitarist, I'm still on the one!).

Good to know: our tuner is also available in our.

Tuning online with our experimental tuner

With the development of web browsers, it is now possible to capture the sounds of the microphone of your computer or smartphone! That's why we offer you!