What guitar strings for the beginner?


What guitar strings for the beginner?

I remember very well my first days on the guitar, I had very very! But what my teacher didn't tell me was that there are strings that hurt your fingers less!

Folk guitar strings for beginners

The folk guitar is simply the guitar that hurts the fingers most. That's normal, you'll tell me because we're playing on “butter cutting threads”! For a very long time I played Elixir strings by pulling light, but in fact I find that they are not suitable for the great beginner, who may well be discouraged as the pain is present.

Fisoma Tramper

This game is totally unknown in France, yet it is widely used by acoustic guitar players (steel folk), who seek a touch closer to nylon guitar. Tramper is a bit of a hybrid string set, the bass strings are designed like classical guitar bass strings, with silver plating, and the acute strings remain steel. The sound is warm and the touch is much easier and comfortable than traditional acoustic play. The strikethrough are simpler, the sound balance is more intimate. Just beautiful.

Fisoma Silk and Steel


say that if you can find this game in store, you have found the rare pearl. My opinion on these silk and steel strings is that this is an exceptional game. It is made of silk and steel. Silk brings fluffy and comfort under the fingers that is unparalleled. Plus this game is perfect for. It brings warmth and an enchanting global atmosphere. The barracks pass by themselves, without any effort, we wonder how we used to do it before!?

BlackSmith AOT Extra Light

The extra light pulling (whatever the game model you choose), hurts the fingers much less. BlackSmith Korean strings offer comfort and flexibility that you won't find on any other bronze phosphorus rope. Moreover, their service life is very long because they are protected with a pure carbon layer. So it will save you from changing them too often! Be careful though with the extra light pull, the tuning is less stable, you will especially notice the tuning problems if you play with a capo on the bottom of the sleeve or if the temperature varies in the room where you play. BlackSmith AOT strings are available for acoustic and electric guitars (video below for electric).

Electro Acoustic Strings Dr. Strings Zebra A

small part on the Zebra strings. They are designed specifically for electro-acoustic folk guitars. Their sound is beautiful, and especially if you play amplified you will really hear the difference. They are designed to optimize microphone performance. Personally I use them as unamplified as I like their sound depth. Please note they contain nickel, so they are not suitable for allergy sufferers. They give a little the feeling of playing on an electric guitar but on a folk! If you were looking to mount electric guitar strings on folk, then DR Strings Zebra is the right thing for you.

Electric guitarstrings for beginners

The electric guitar is relatively easy to play because the rods are weak and the action in general quite low (the strings are close to the sleeve).What we are looking for in good strings is flexibility and durability, and if you play hard, strength, because often the mid high breaks.

Rotosound Roto

These strings made in England have nothing to envy to the Ernie Ball Slinky that you'll find in every music store. Their strong point: 2 strings of E treble in each pack! If you break regularly, this is the game you need.

The Bella Vapor Shield

Vapor Shield strings are very expensive (24€ a game!!) because they're treated with plasma! Their lifespan is staggering, and their flexibility too. Some guitarists even find that they improve the sound of their guitar so much that they feel like they're playing on a new instrument!

BlackSmith AOT for Electric

Blacksmith Strings are once again included in our charts. This time as a model for electric guitar. These ropes last a long time and are of great flexibility, they facilitate bends and pulled. The high strings may be a bit fragile on weak rods (but it depends mostly on your playing strength and your attack with the plectrum).

Classical guitar strings for beginners

When I started the guitar, I opted for a study classical guitar (an Admira) that I chose at the store in my city. Since it was a small shop, the choice of strings was very limited, in fact it only offered D'Addario EJ45, and for years I only bought these strings because I knew nothing else. Then on a trip to the United States I had the chance to visit a store on the channel “Guitar Center”, and the I simply hallucinated in front of the wall (yes a complete wall!) dedicated to the world of guitar strings! I gave up and bought at least 50 different games to compare, and I confess I was not disappointed. To my surprise some string games hurt my fingers much less, and above all I liked much more from a point of view of sound identity.

The Bella 2001 Light

La Bella is a tailpiece totally unknown in France, they are very difficult to find in store. The comfort of play and the sound balance they bring are just great. Light pulling does not hurt the fingers very much. It is a game that offers a remarkable sound projection for light pulling. Moreover, they last a very long time. They are also easy to install because a cube numbered from 1 to 6 is threaded on each rope. (approx. 13€).

Royal Classics Preludio

There are not many European cordiers, the royal classics Preludio are made in Spain, they are pre-stretched, so you can play very quickly with this set of strings dedicated to the beginner. (around €10)

Hannabach 500

Hannabach is above all “luxury” strings. The German firm has recently been offering a set of strings at a competitive price (around €8). However, they are difficult to install, especially if you are a great beginner because the marking on the ends of the ropes is not well understood.

Written by Brizzly
on 2017-10-28 10:26:33

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