What are the best strings for electric guitar?



Sunday 26 November 2017

What are the best strings for electric guitar?

The question of the quality of electric guitar strings is very often asked. However, this instrument is very different from acoustic guitars because it is possible to make any sound via electronics and amplification.

Do we really hear a difference in sound from one game to another?

The short answer is yes, there is a difference between a game for 8€and a game for 20€. The advanced guitarist with an ear accustomed to listening will hear the difference. Particularly at the level of attack and sustain. Sometimes shine. These factors depend on several parameters:

  • If the string is sheathed: the sound will be more felted (the sheath “filter” the electromagnetic response)
  • If the core of the string is not perfect: the tuning may be unstable and some notes imperfect
  • Depending on whether the soul is hexagonal or round (a round soul offers more bass, a hexagonal core more
  • slamming) metal quality!

I've been told many times, a nickel plated steel rope from one brand to another is the same! Yet after testing many games of all possible and imaginable rates, I realized that no! The difference in lifetime between an Ernie Ball Slinky and a RotoSound Roto game is really significant, yet these 2 games run in the same price range. I think ROTO last longer, maybe they're more resistant to my hand sweating, I don't know. But the facts are there, I was able to do 2 concerts and 2 rehearsal sessions with the game Rotosound Yellow. Against 1 rehearsal and 1 concert with my usual Slinky.

So I ventured to test more expensive games to see what it looked like. So I went up, DR Strings Tite-Fit, DR Strings Veritas (excellent untreated game), and then La Bella Vapor Shield (probably the most expensive electric game on the market at the moment, since it's over 20€!). I even tested 18-carat gold plated strings! (frankly they are not bad, but they are a bit rigid, which makes them a bit difficult).

Overall, it is La Bella Vapor Shield that wins all the time, its slamming, flexibility, resistance, but good the price hurts the purse, so I stay on the Rotosound ROTO Yellow which are for me the best price ratio of the moment, They are excellent, as for the pro.