Sunday 19 November 2017

What is a guitar untying exercise?

You just and how to say... Do you not respond when your brain asks them? You'll have to learn how to dissociate the movements of your fingers, to make them independent from each other, and that's exactly where the delusional exercises come in. Their goal is to “untie” the fingers!

How it works

It is most likely that the first delusional exercise you will do will be very simple. For example, you will place the index finger in fret 3 of the guitar, on the string of low mi (beware it is the 6th string, the numbering starts from the bottom). Then you will play fret 4 with the middle finger, when you play the note you will have to raise your index finger (which was in fret 3). Then you will play fret 5 with your ring finger (and raise the middle finger), and then fret 6 with the auricular. Then you go back to fret 3 but starting from the next rope (the LA rope, 5th rope so). Then, once you have arrived on the most acute rope (the mid chanterelle) you make the way upside down!

Here's what it gives in simplified tablature representation:

3-4-5-6 —

To complete the exercise, you have to play it all on every beep of the metronome! If you find the exercise too simple, you can sing each note, which will allow you to memorize the sounds of your guitar, it will be useful on the day you want to tackle solos and improvisation.

When you think you can master the exercise well. You can invent your own delusifiers. For example playing “3 5 4 6" which will make you alternate fingers, or “3 5 6 4" and so on.

Important: Make sure your guitar is always perfect before each exercise.