Guitar: an easy to learn instrument



Wednesday 28 February 2018

Guitar: an easy to learn instrument

instrument Which musical instrument is the easiest to learn? Well: each instrument has its peculiarity, different difficulties and distinct progression in the learner's daily learning.

The first things to know:

The piano or keyboard can be quite easy to learn because they have the advantage of making the note sound right away, just by pressing a key.

For guitar, bass or all pinch string instruments (ukulele, mandolin) it will depend on the physiological development of the person, his parallel coordination in the hands to control synchronization and musicality. Making the guitar sound a first note will take a few days. However, once the gesture is well understood and integrated into the hands, everything becomes easier just afterwards.

For wind instruments, we depend on acquiring the mouthpiece of the instrument and controlling the flow of air from our lungs. For other wind instruments, such as the saxophone, the development of the diaphragm will be as important as learning the voice (which is also an instrument!).

The battery will require muscle endurance, physiology and coordination of action between 4 limbs: right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg. It will take overall motor coordination, which is difficult to obtain.

If the piano sounds a note can be reached quickly, the independence of each hand will require a lot of work and practice to prepare the muscles of each hand and arm. Then it will be necessary to develop rhythmic independence in the hands.

Technically, all instruments have their own complexity of progression. Whether you play alone, in a group, as a lead or as a accompaniment, practicing an instrument is easier for some and harder for others. It is a very rich instrument, accessible to everyone both in practice and financially. She can go everywhere to play all styles in groups or alone, you can decide to accompany and/or sing with them, which is not feasible with wind instruments for example. For the piano or keyboard, its clutter or the fact of having to plug it into a mains outlet limits their action singing.

For the guitar, as soon as the learner has understood that in order to sound a note, you have to press the string well with the pulp of your finger, that this pressure must be between 2 frets (metal bars all over the neck), that you have to scrape the corresponding string, everything seems much easier and more accessible. The closer you play to the head of the guitar and the deeper the sound, the more you play towards the rosette (the hole in the guitar) and the more sharp the sound.

How to choose your instrument?

The question you need to ask yourself is, first of all,which instrument makes you want to learn how to play music?

This will bring you the desire to achieve your goals because loving your instrument is very important. That's why it's veryinterestingto understand how a guitar is made because it shows you all the complexity and richness of knowledge that brands need to have to make beautiful guitars with round and brilliant sounds, with a good projection in space and ease of play accessible to all. Knowing the steps of making your instrument will increase your desire to choose the model, the brand, the wood used and its overall look.The guitar will soon become the extension of your arm.

Second: Does the instrument correspond to your physiology?

A good teacher can assess your suitability for this or that instrument. Plan yourself an experimental course, it is mostly free the first time, you will be able to judge your relationship with the instrument in question. Guitar has the advantage of pleasing everyone because of its size, aesthetics and power.

Third: do I have the necessary motor coordination for the instrument I have chosen? What do I need to develop it?

The best way to find out is to get started with online courses. For example, for guitar, you can test CoachGuitar which requires no musical knowledge and teaches you to with 5 colors. As a result, you have no theoretical braketoimmerse yourself in your new passion.

If you practice 30 minutes a day, the results will come quickly. Believe him!