Start the guitar: how to do it?



Saturday 28 October 2017

Start the guitar: how to do it?

That's it, you finally decided to put yourself on the guitar once and for all. 10 years later, I still remember very well the day when I finally decided not to postpone it until the next day.

1: Buy a guitar

If you don't have an instrument yet, the first absolute necessity to learn the guitar is to have one. So go to the nearest music store, or internet.. No need to put 1500€ in a luxury guitar (well if you really want why not). Because your first guitar is a point of entry into this universe, and it's almost impossible that this first guitar is the “guitar of your life”. To choose your first beginner guitar correctly, you need to determine the style of music you want to play. Song, Classical, Bossa, rock? Depending on the function, you will move towards either a classical guitar with nylon strings (sometimes also called dry guitar), an acoustic guitar with steel strings (called folk guitar), or an electric guitar. Once you know which direction you are going, ask the store seller to play the guitars for you, and choose the one that you like best in tone and the one with the look that makes you vibrate.

Also look if there are markings on fret 3 and 5, this is very important, because on classical guitar there are not always any and this can slow down learning, and make it frustrating! If you opt for a folk guitar with metal strings, note that it can hurt your fingers very much, then orient yourself to.

2: Buy a tuner and spare strings

The tuner is an indispensable tool for working well on the guitar. A badly tuned guitar does not allow you to learn correctly. Buy an electronic tuner, or visit our to adjust your guitar properly before practicing. Advance strings are also required. Because worn ropes don't fit very well... It is better to avoid being caught unawares.

3: Schedule time every day

To progress on the guitar, you don't have to work like a lunatic on the weekend, it won't give very good results. It is better to work 10-15mn/d (1h ideally), but really every day. It is regularity that will make you progress quickly. Block a time slot, lock yourself up if you have to, and work hard every day.

4: Finding the Right Method

All methods are not the same, some are more theoretical than practical, and others are dedicated to particular styles. CoachGuitar is a method that makes you playful and simple. You will learn to play full songs very quickly. Through each piece you learn, it's actually pro gestures that will be engrated in your memory, and you'll see that once you've learned a few songs, you'll be able to play a lot more songs than you think!

5: Taking pleasure

The notion of pleasure allows you to learn faster.

So especially have fun, and learn with songs you like, that makes all the difference, that's why CoachGuitar offers thousands of songs from all styles and backgrounds