Silk and Steel Acoustic Guitar Strings: Ideal for Beginners



Saturday 31 March 2018

Silk and Steel Acoustic Guitar Strings: Ideal for Beginners

Beginners When starting folk guitar with steel strings, the first symptom is finger damage! Indeed, the metal strings hurt the fingers very hard! Bronze or phosphorus bronze strings are often the only ones offered in music stores. The apprentice guitarist is often not informed that there are other string materials available to equip his folk guitar.

Silk And Steel Strings: Silk and Steel

Silk in English means Silk, Steel means Steel. By alternating a layer of silk and steel spinning, some manufacturers managed to make the folk guitar strings softer. The 2 most famous games are the La Bella Silk And Steel 710M/710L as well as the Fisoma Silk And Steel game (harder to find because handmade by a small German luthier).

And the comfort of play?

What bare at first glance with these 2 sets of strings is of course the touch. The strings seem (and are!) softer. The finger sore immediately disappears, but even more appreciable, the crossed chords become easier, it's simply magical, these are.

And the sound?

The sound of these strings is less powerful than Phosphorus bronze strings, however it is no less good. It offers a totally different balance, which in fact is much more suitable for solo guitarists. It offers an intimate and warm world that really makes you want to take out his guitar and play around a campfire with family and friends.

Which pulling to choose?

What you'll notice with the silk and steel strings is that when they're equal, they look a little weaker than their pure metal counterparts. So it may be necessary to take a medium pull if you want to regain the sensations of light.