Where to find backing tracks and guitar playback


Where to find guitar playbacks? Guitar playbacks are often referred to as “backing tracks” or “backtrack guitar” in the Anglo-Saxon music world .

The problem is that very often they are not very exciting or motivating midifiles or even pro guitar files with sounds that are a little too digital and metronome clicks that you may not want to hear (even if they are disabled).

CoachGuitar: from the playback of pro

CoachGuitar is well known for its. But he is less known for his professional quality accompaniment tapes. And that's a shame, because every piece is available without the guitar track so you can accompany the song, or make yourself a hell of a jam session.

Beyond the simple “mp3 without guitar” that CoachGuitar also offers you to improve on every song you accompany. You will have the opportunity to follow the courses taught by a professional, and especially to watch his gestures in slow motion and close-up. What to inspire you and evolve your right and left hand technique.

Jam sessions when you're alone


not easy to train when you're alone, that's all the point of these tracks called “backing tracks karaoke guitar”. They allow you to log in before joining your group. And above all, you will be able to register and learn from your mistakes. Audio recording is simply the best way to progress quickly on the guitar. The exercise is difficult, the ego takes a lot of it, but the progression is lightning. So “jamming” with CoachGuitar, have fun registering and you will see that within a few days your level will have increased in an incredible way.

Playback Guitar Rock, Blues, Funk and much more

CoachGuitar is almost unlimited in the music styles available to you. Whether it's Kathy Perry's latest track, or a Beatles classic, the Rolling Stones or Chuck Berry, you'll inevitably find the guitarless soundtrack you'll like, and the one that will make you work with your sense of rhythm, chord placement and musicality in general. You will wake up your inner musician and become a true artist.

Many backing tracks by French artists

Most websites dedicated to “guitar karaoke” are often foreign. CoachGuitar is a website designed by French people. Here you will find many French songs, like for example:

  • Je Te Promet - Johnny Halliday
  • Ca C'est toi - Phone La Nuit
  • Je Lie - Alain Bashung
  • Je
  • l'aime à mourrir - Francis Cabrel
  • Et
  • many others...

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