Offer Accompanying Guitar Lessons



Thursday 30 November 2017

Offer Accompanying Guitar Lessons

It's soon an opportunity to celebrate a birthday, a party or a school success and you decided to offer guitar lessons, because in the end, gifts in the form of objects are good, but it usually doesn't last a lifetime, and it usually ends up in the trash...

Giving guitar lessons: an eternal gift And

yes, beyond the simple fact of, offering the ability to play a musical instrument is one that will last a lifetime. Once you start enjoying the instrument, it's hard to live without, for the guitarist but also for family and friends. And yes, how to do without a beautiful evening in music, away from technology, away from everyday worries. Guitar is one of the few activities that brings together young and old, and that gives smiles to everyone.

I want to offer a guitar lesson, how do I do it?

The biggest unknown when you want to offer a guitar lesson is the student's schedule. Indeed, if it's a child, you don't always know your school schedule, and if it's an adult, it's hard to stick to your calendar, which you don't know! The solution is the online accompaniment guitar lessons offered by CoachGuitar.

All styles are available in the course catalogue

  • Whatever the student's taste, there will inevitably be songs he likes:

    • Rock
    • Funk
    • Reggae
  • Classical
  • Flamenco
  • Pop
  • Dance
  • French Song
  • Classic Rock
  • Solos and much more CoachGuitar is the number 1 method to learn how to play the accompaniment guitar easily and quickly.

  • Even the “absolute draw” will be able to progress and play full songs in a matter of weeks. The method, created by professional guitarists, reveals all the tricks to learn quickly. Besides, no notion of solfeggio will be necessary, at CoachGuitar, students learn while having fun, through small exercises of a few seconds. These little exercises then come together, like legos, and these bricks juxtaposed produce a complete song. Better than that, produce the song the student had chosen himself!

    The magic of CoachGuitar is to transmit songs that YOU want to play and that your friends want to hear and sing with you!