New V5 version of coachguitar iOS



Monday 23 October 2017

New V5 version of coachguitar iOS

The new V5 app to learn guitar without musical knowledge from Coach Guitar was released last November 5, 2017. This application is optimized for the latest models of iPhone7, iPhone8 and iPhoneX.

An extensive guitar lesson catalog

The CoachGuitar team delivers a version 5 with a catalogue of more on the color dots model, on an animated sleeve with view of the left hand synchronized on each video exercise.

As usual it is very high quality rendering, the app is polished to its every corner, beautiful work. I was looking for a long time for the best mobile app to learn guitar without worries and when I want to be served. Download it from the Apple Store it is free and comes with a free trial demo course, you won't be disappointed.

The principle of CoachGuitar in mobile version

The CoachGuitar app consists mainly of three menus, the first menu is the selection of the week of the last CoachGuitar class outings, the second menu is the space where you can find its course, favorites, and where you can now record as a video to share your progress with your friends. The third menu is the catalogue of 600 titles sorted into several categories or levels. A new tab has been added with all the courses specific to the methodology such as: how to learn the Blues for beginners.

Don't wait for iOS anymore. By far the best version completed to date and on an iPad it is also great art as the app is universal iPhone and iPad.