Can we learn guitar alone with a book?



Tuesday 07 November 2017

Can we learn guitar alone with a book?

There are many books that promise you to learn how to play the guitar. As many you may have searched on Google "guitar for dummies pdf" where “download guitar lessons free”, and then finally, faced with the unknown, you gave up. We will not go so far as to say that this type of course is not effective, in fact, it is not accessible to everyone. You need a lot of motivation for a paper method. And especially a good musical ear! To learn guitar from scratch, video is the best solution. The guitar is an instrument of oral tradition, which relies mainly on example and demonstration for learning.

Easy guitar lessons on video: CoachGuitar

The designers of the CoachGuitar method understand that most people who want to learn guitar do so to have fun with family or friends, to sing around a fireplace, or on the beach. It's the beauty of this instrument, you can carry it anywhere, and play wherever you want and whenever you want (provided you don't disturb the neighbors!). So they have designed an easy, fast and most importantly effective method to allow you to play full songs in a matter of days. And most importantly, without musical theory, there is no need to read, read and understand complex terms, no berarre, sharp straight, no quarter-wheel!

At CoachGuitar we have fun, we have fun and we learn fast and well! It is thanks to an ingenious color notation system that you will know or place your fingers. You will have 5 colors to remember (and if you can't, paint your nails, put on self-adhesive pads, or wrap an elastic band around each finger). And then you just have to replicate what the teacher shows you on video. It will detail you every step of action, perfectly broken down. You just have to reproduce each gesture, gently at home, and in just a few minutes you will see the magic operating under your right, but above all under your ears... Then a few hours later you will be surprised to play a complete song, without having read or learned a single line of musical theory!