Beginner guitar lessons on Youtube



Wednesday 08 November 2017

Beginner guitar lessons on Youtube

Internet accustomed good numbers of people to all free. Guitar classes do not escape the rule, but you may know the saying: “If it's free, you're the product.” Free guitar lessons on Youtube are not immune to the rule, because they are often full of ads, and even more and more ads! In the past, an advertisement at the beginning of the video allowed you to watch the course, but recently Google has placed ads at regular intervals in videos, making it really unpleasant!

So yes you will be able to find guitar lessons on Youtube, some are even very good, but they are quite often in English, which is a brake if you don't speak Shakespeare's language. The major disadvantage will often be the inability to loop on a passage, or to obtain a detailed explanation (close-up, slow motion, info on hand positions on the sleeve).

Guitar lessons in video by CoachGuitar

CoachGuitar is a 100% video method for. The classes are deciphered step by step, and most importantly, what Youtube does not offer you are close-up shots of the guitarist's 2 hands, a schematic representation where to place your fingers, in which direction to scratch the strings, and icing on the cake: a slow motion that allows you to work smoothly at your own pace.

Thanks to the growing catalogue of complete and detailed songs, you will be able to learn cult songs such as “the south” on the guitar, up to contemporary pop songs, from Cathy Perry to Float On by Modest Mouse. Here you will find French and international songs, so you can satisfy your thirst to learn songs on the guitar!