Where to find an easy guitar lesson?



Sunday 19 November 2017

Where to find an easy guitar lesson?

The free guitar lessons you find on Youtube or any other website seem incomprehensible, too fast to follow, not detailed enough or not translatable because you don't speak English... You are looking for guitar lessons that will make you progress quickly, and above all that will allow you to play known songs, to have fun singing with your family, take and especially give pleasure to your entourage. You've just arrived on the right page!

CoachGuitar: Easy and effective guitar lessons

CoachGuitar is a method that allows you to from scratch. No musical knowledge is required. However, you will need to have the following elements in order to be able to learn:

  • A guitar (classical, folk, electric, Gypsy, etc.)
  • A tuner (we offer you a free)
  • A picket (for songs to “scratch”)
  • A little time every day (this is the key to success)
  • (it motivates!)

Video of presentation of guitar lessons online

Because sometimes others talk about it better than us, here is a video made by theCartemusique.fr.

CoachGuitar, so it's as you could see it. , each section of the game is presented in close-up. Right hand, left hand, plectrum direction, finger position, but also transition between chords that you can play again in slow motion and even with picture stop to give you time to put your hand back. It is currently the only course method in the world to offer this special “great beginner” function that allows you to avoid stress when you can't take it anymore.

The course catalog has hundreds of easy guitar pieces specifically designed for beginners, which helps to avoid frustration, and especially to see rapid progress on real songs that will please you.