How to learn to play guitar when you suck?



Wednesday 25 October 2017

How to learn to play guitar when you suck?

You feel bad, you've tried to learn how to play the guitar many times... but without success? Don't panic, you're not lame, far from the, you just haven't found the method that suits you! Everyone can play the guitar, it is necessary to take the time, and especially not to burn the steps.

Step 1: Tuning your guitar

Playing on a well-tuned guitar is imperative. To achieve this, you must have a guitar in condition, with correct strings! If your strings smell like metal or are older than 6 months old, it is most likely that your guitar is “innacordable”, the materials are too old and too distorted. If you're afraid to change your strings yourself, go get them done in the music store and ask for them to be installed, you can keep them much longer without changing them. Then buy you an electronic vibration tuner, especially choose one without the frequency adjustment, it must be frozen at 440hz (you will find one). It's very easy to make a tuner calibration error when you start the guitar... and you end up playing untuned without understanding why, and in fact it's simply because by mistake you set the tuner to 443hz. Alternatively you can use our.

Step 2: Free up a little time every day

Learning to play the guitar is mostly a daily practice. Allocate 10 minutes a day, no need more! But especially keep a time slot no matter what happens! It is regularity that will make you progress quickly. Don't leave your guitar in its case. A tidy guitar is a guitar that you don't want to go out, so you don't play it. Buy yourself a guitar holder, and leave it visible, it will motivate you to play it every day, even if you just scratch, you will progress, it's the magic of this instrument!

Step 3: Find the method that suits you It

's not because you didn't manage to learn with free guitar lessons on Youtube, that you won't get there. Free courses are often not detailed. The goal of free classes is often to make you watch an advertisement, not really to teach you how to play... Everyone can play the guitar, it's a certainty, you're not lame, far from the! I myself had to go through several methods and teachers before I understood what I needed.

Coach Guitar: Easy and effective guitar lessons

CoachGuitar are video lessons. Each course is highly detailed, i.e. step-by-step steps. Here you will learn the accompaniment guitar. The advantage is that everything is close-up, you see the teacher's hands, and you can play and replay the videos at will. The sense of scratching the plectrum is also accurately indicated (hard to see on Youtube in general as everything is fast) .Every day you progress, and within a few weeks you catch yourself playing a full song. And the most beautiful thing about it is that you won't need to learn music. The method was thought out for the dummies! So are you ready to indulge yourself? Yes, Today is the right day to start playing the guitar!