Learn guitar alone



Saturday 21 October 2017

Learn guitar alone

You have finally decided to learn guitar, but your working hours make it difficult to access guitar lessons, or, frequently, you are unable to find a guitar teacher available near you. CoachGuitar to the solution for you. Online guitar lessons, which will allow you to learn guitar alone while being guided by a video teacher.

To learn well, you have to agree!

The biggest obstacle to learning an instrument, especially the guitar, is tuning. We therefore recommend that you either purchase an electronic tuner, download CoachTuner for your iPhone/iPad (it's free), or tune your guitar via our. Before each guitar lesson, remember to tune your guitar, it is essential to learn well.

Learning the guitar alone by video

Before you immerse yourself in many classes, you have to realize that learning alone requires motivation but above all regularity. You're going to have to invest, and we're not talking here about playing two hours on the weekend, but rather about 5 to 10 minutes a day. The biggest secret to progressing quickly and easily on the guitar is practicing a little every day. It is a lot, but then much more effective to work a little every day, than a lot from time to time. The guitar makes memory work, but also muscles work. As for an athlete, you need to train every day to achieve your ends and acquire muscle memory (the position of the fingers).

CoachGuitar: easy courses in

CoachGuitar video are above all videos. Each course is broken down into easy sections of a few seconds. Thanks to our method you will be able to focus on a short passage of a song that you like, and work it until you like the result. The hands of the guitar teacher are filmed in close-up, and the position of the fingers is clearly indicated on the sleeve. You will only have to mimic step by step what you see and after a few hours of practice, you will find yourself playing complete pieces on the guitar! The sections to be worked are very often playable in loops, which will allow you to have fun very quickly on small loops. You will of course be able to play them in slow motion to study the movements of the hands and thus learn without errors of positioning on your side.

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