Wednesday 03 April 2019

The Bella Vapor Shield

You are no longer satisfied with your acoustic or electric guitar strings and want a powerful sound and a set of strings that don't break the time to say it? Bella Vapor Shield strings are certainly one of the most popular products of the moment. They give you the feeling of enjoying a brand new instrument and make you rediscover the pleasure of playing.

Bella Vapor Shield for Acoustic Guitar

Bella Vapor Bronze Phosphorus Bella Vapor Shield was named the Best Strings of the Year in 2015 in the United States. They are treated at the molecular level and unsheathed, for a lifetime of up to 5 times longer than that of basic acoustic strings. Compared to more traditional string sets, their investment in purchase is therefore quickly amortized and avoids too many changes.Very pleasant to play and touch, the Vapor Shield gives you real comfort. They also produce a precise, balanced, round and warm sound, whether they equip your LAG, your Taylor or any other model. Treble, medium and bass also benefit from very good resonance. Compatible with electro acoustic guitars, the Vapor Shield strings are very simple to assemble and come in a lovely metal box. Stabilizing very quickly, you can easily change them just before a concert and they will only deform very little in time. You can also choose between different types of pulls, depending on your sensitivity and what you like. For starters or if you need soft strings for your folk guitar, we recommend the extra light pulling. As for the custom light pulling, it is perfect for accompaniment or for strengthening the bass of your guitar. A real happiness for all folk and classical guitar players, who once seduced share and recommend their use! Travel and new sounds guaranteed to give you a good moment of play.

The Bella Vapor Shield for electric guitar

Like the acoustic guitar models, the Vapor Shield for electric guitar are high-end strings and offer a long life and undisturbed sound thanks to their nickel spinning and the absence of sheathing. You still get extra time to play thanks to less regular changes. Unlike the basic strings, the Bella Vapor Shield won't deteriorate with sweat or grease on your fingers, even if you still need to clean them thoroughly after use. Regardless of the model of your guitar, Strato Fender or DeArmond Starfore, you'll be surprised by the brilliance and clarity of the sound, the absence of magnetic noise, the , the flexibility, the power of the bass or the beautiful bluesy effect. Among the existing rods, you can opt for the Blues Light specifically made for blues guitarists, the Extra Light with great flexibility ideal for beginners, the versatile Light for approaching all styles or the Regular with great sound power. Instead of changing your guitar, offer or opt for these Vapor Shield strings to discover your instrument in a new light and enjoy both the fun of the game and that of the ears!