Imagine Easy Guitar: Without crossed!



Monday 19 March 2018

Imagine Easy Guitar: Without crossed!

Imagine it's more than just a song, it's an anthem. Composed in 1971 by the legendary John Lennon, this cult piece still resonates, it has passed through generations. This is often one of the first guitar pieces that the beginner wants to learn.

No barred chords to play!

The beauty of this piece is that if you do not know how to make the crossed chords, there are none! The Coach Guitar team has thought of beginners who don't necessarily know the few basic chords of guitar.Once you master this simple version, the method will offer you a more advanced version, with a little more technique and enrichment. That said the “” version is already very pretty and rich enough for the accompaniment to fill the space.

Detailed Step-by-Step and Video

Course With the Guitar Coach Guitar Guitar lessons (chosen by the website), you'll learn how to play Imagine in just a few hours. Indeed, you will be guided step by step. First of all, the method will explain where to place your fingers at the level of the left hand. With full zoom on the teacher's hand. Then you will be guided to the level of the right hand, which rope to play, but also, equally important, in which direction to scratch the string (s). Each stage is broken down into a small section that is easy to play. Once you have mastered each section, you will only have to assemble them like “legos” and you will be able to play the full title.

Track singing in playback

If you want to train with a band and a singer, Coach Guitar offers you what is called a “backing track”. This is an accompanying version of imagine without the guitar part. So you can play with a real pro band and of course this includes the singer!

It's up to you to play! .