How to properly start the guitar?



Sunday 12 November 2017

How to properly start the guitar?

Countless people give up their guitar lessons, mistakes of progress, or lack of ability to play a song quickly. In fact there are little secrets to keep motivation and above all progress fast without frustrations...

Planning a quiet workspace

Learning the guitar requires concentration, and I think to some extent being able to isolate yourself is important. Indeed, we often feel embarrassed to do exercises with the family who hears all our mistakes... If you have the opportunity to isolate yourself, do so. If you do not have this option, opt for an electric guitar (you can play headphones), where a silent guitar, yes it's not a joke, there are so-called silent guitars, the Yamaha Silent Guitars series (SLG200) for example is perfect, it is available in classic nylon strings, folk steel strings. They allow you to play without the close being able to hear anything. You play headphones quietly, and your shyness won't block you.

Planning time every day

Learning the guitar, and any other instrument by the way, is time, but above all, time regularly! We are talking about a daily working rhythm. No need to spend hours and hours every day. Dozens of minutes are enough to progress. The important thing is to keep pace and not give up, even if you can't. Because one day the exercise will end up as if by magic. The evolution of the guitarist takes place in stages, not in a progressive, linear way. So you have to wait until a tier unlocks to be able to advance to the next level, it's kind of like a video game!

Always tune your guitar before playing


It's important before playing. With an untuned guitar, you'll feel like you're playing anything, and so you're going to demolish yourself. A harmonious sound allows you to enjoy what you play.

Having a guitar at hand

A visible guitar is a guitar that is played! It's a silly trick, but if you keep your guitar in its case, you're unlikely to play it regularly. It is best to let your guitar out permanently, even if it takes dust, it does not matter. The view of the instrument will encourage you to play it regularly.

Find guitar lessons you like

It's not that easy to find guitar lessons that match your personality. Sometimes you don't get along with the teacher, or you're talking about group lessons in the village music school, not easy when you're shy or reserved. Maybe CoachGuitar would be more appropriate to your personality, good news, you can test them for free by registering here! The icing on the cake, you will even be able to choose the songs you want to work on!