How to clean a guitar?



Saturday 18 November 2017

How to clean a guitar?

How to clean a guitar? You have to admit, fingerprints on a guitar aren't pretty pretty. The worst is still the touch, which over time becomes really unruly, especially at the level of the frets, fat and grime accumulate... But then how to properly clean his guitar?

La Bella Vivo: the miracle product?

The big problem with cleaning guitars and wooden musical instruments in general is that some products are not compatible with some wood. The American brand La Bella succeeds the feat, with let's be honest with the help of the firm Zymöl to offer a product compatible with all wood, and above all it is a 100% natural product, there is no petrochemical product in it.

How does it work?

The cleaning product is presented in the form of a spray bottle with a micro-fiber cloth. It is necessary to shake the bottle and spray the liquid on the area to be cleaned, then lightly rub with the cloth. Fingerprints disappear as if by enchantment. At the touch level, it's the shock, the cloth sometimes comes out completely black, it's scary! But La Bella strikes hard is that this miracle product also works on, silver strings for classical guitars and steel strings, nickel, bronze, phosphorus bronze for folk and electric. The product simply disloses the grime in the spinning, it's pretty impressive to see, we're totally bluffed the first time we use it. As a result, the ropes last much longer (it is recommended to clean them after each session). But also, on relatively worn guitar strings, the product gives them a second life in a spectacular way. If you do not know which cleaning product to take, I highly recommend La Bella Vivo, which is an all-in-one product with proven efficacy. The bottle is relatively expensive (between 25 and 30€), but it lasts relatively long (120ml), especially since there is no expiry date of the cleaning product.