How to play guitar and sing at the same time



Tuesday 28 April 2020

How to play guitar and sing at the same time

Here are 10 tips to

Chanter et jouer de la guitare en meme temps

do it LEARN THE BASE CHECKS Remembering a complicated chord

while playing the singing, will make the whole almost impossible!

You need to be comfortable enough with your guitar play and integrate the chords correctly, so you don''t have to think about it anymore. Your game must be smooth, be done naturally and effortlessly and only there you can focus on singing.

Playing must become an automatism.


Just as an acrobat uses its 4 members to make different figures or a pianist plays two different rhythms simultaneously, you need to synchronize the singing and the game to achieve a harmonious ensemble.


Hum the melody while you are concerned about chords, can be a very good alternative to learning.

This method allows you to get used to chord changes without having to focus on lyrics.

You will then be able to learn the lyrics, when you master the guitar playing perfectly. The site will help you learn easy titles to sing over.


Initially, try to select easy songs with simple rhythms. No need to choose complicated pieces, it will only frustrate you if you do not achieve the desired result.

Choose from the songs you already know very well and love, the easiest of them in chords and have fun with them. By doing so, you will not need to make great efforts to remember the lyrics, you will be able to focus only on the game and the song will be much easier to learn. Here you can tell yourself that you have perfectly memorized your song.


SONG Choose a song you like and learn the lyrics. Memorize them, and for this it will be necessary to sing.

Train aloud, sing with a recording, sing in the shower, sing to the people you love, in short, sing!

This also requires putting the guitar from time to time to focus on singing and lyrics.

Once the song has been learned, you can then resume the guitar to synchronize the melody and train over and over again.


If you are having trouble playing the notes of a song and you feel that the tone doesn''t fully match your voice, consider changing the chords to get the right tone.

You have the option to transpose the chords to a higher tone or a lower tone (feel free to use a capo if necessary), so that your voice perfectly matches. Try singing until you find a tone that suits you.