How to play a Sol Guitar chord?



Thursday 25 January 2018

How to play a Sol Guitar chord?

is fun and rewarding. This article will teach you the position of the G chord on the guitar with several variations. This is the first step of the agreement.

VARIATION 1: SOIL Agreement (G)

1. Place the ring finger on the 1st string (High E) in the 3rd box (fret).
2. Keep your ring finger on the 1st rope (as explained in step 1). Place your index finger on the 5th string (LA or A), on the 2nd square.
3. Keep your fingers in position and press with middle finger on the 6th string (E low), 3rd box.

Comment jouer un accord SOL à la guitare

When chords are expressed in a tablature, each string will be represented by a dotted line with the number of the box you need to press on. You can see it in the Acute E () (first string of the tablature below), where the string should be pressed into the 3rd box. Complete the chord by pressing the corresponding boxes. The 0 means you will play the empty string: no boxes will be pressed. Whether for or acoustic, the principle is the same.

  • E—3—
  • G—0—
  • G—0—
  • D—0—
  • A—2—
  • E—3—

VARIATION 2: SOL chord (G)

Play a SOL chord with a strikethrough.If you know how to make a strikethrough chord, SOL is played in the 3rd box. It takes a little time and practice, but the crossed chords make your life easier when playing the guitar. A barred deal is basically. The FA (F) agreement will be made with the same position of the fingers but in the first box. You can move this position gradually to different sits on the guitar to make other chords. To make a chord G with a strikethrough in the 3rd square, the base position is:

1. The first finger (index finger) makes the strikethrough on the strings E low (E), SI (B), E high (E) and D (D) in the 3rd box.
2. The auricular and ring finger press the A and D strings on the 5th square.
3. The middle finger presses the SOL (G) string in the 4th box.

Comment jouer un accord SOL barre à la guitare

If you are looking for a chord dictionary, download Coach Chords