How to easily learn chords to the guitar?



Friday 24 November 2017

How to easily learn chords to the guitar?

A chord is a combination of notes on the neck of the guitar and that sounds harmonically. This is the basis of all guitar songs and also often a source of inspiration if you wish to compose your own tracks later.

Learning basic chords is really the first thing I wanted to do when I bought.

The pack I bought contained an electric guitar, an amplifier and a mediator as well as an A4 size poster with the basic chords that are:Major and Minor chords.

The technique is simple, it is necessary to revise and train each day but before that it is necessary to know the positions of the fingers for each chord.

Different approaches to learning chords The

  • first method is to go to google and find chord listings and print them. If you're like me, you won't like flying sheets or the printer that never has ink when you need it to print these chord sheets.

  • Another solution is to go see tutorials on YouTube but again we come across so much scattered information that it's really hard to remember. Besides, I'm not really a fan of following chord videos because it often goes way too fast despite the button to replay the video. And it's inconvenient to release the guitar neck to click on YouTube.

  • The best solution remains for me to constantly have a small free application in my smartphone and which contains the entire library of guitar chords and clearly and visually.

A great chord app

The best app to learn all the chords available on iPhone is called.

This app available for free on the AppStore and really small in weight is super pretty and well made. It is really simple and in addition you can visualize each position of your fingers using a simple color code.

Cherry on the cake it is possible to reverse the direction of the handle for those who prefer this or that orientation of the handle. The (or boxes) are numbered.

Finally, a play button of the chord allows you to play the chord in order to hear it ring. By far the best audio quality and overall the best guitar chords reference app.