How to learn the basics to guitar?



Thursday 09 November 2017

How to learn the basics to guitar?

The guitar tempts you, but here you are wondering how you're going to get started? Don't panic, here are some tips that will allow you to learn solid basics, whether for electric, classical or folk guitar (acoustic with metal strings).

Learning slowly and regularly

The biggest secret to learning fast and well is paradoxically working slowly! When you learn chords, place them gently, without rushing, feel free to play as if you were in “slow motion”. Fly your fingers over the ropes and try to put them all at the same time. This is a much more difficult exercise than it seems, but it will allow you to acquire automatisms and dissociate the muscles of your fingers, in order to make each finger independent.

Learn regularly: Work every day, even if it's only 2-3 minutes, the guitar is also muscular memory. Like an athlete you have to keep a pace of work. If you do not have too much courage to do exercises, have fun “scratching” and exploring the instrument.

Have fun singing each note at the same time as you play it (this is called “solfier”). You will develop a musical ear without noticing it (I regret not having known this trick in my early days, so improvisation has become very difficult for me).

To learn the basic chords, I recommend that you invent your own suites of, style E Minor (Em), The Minor (Am), and alternate them all the measurements (take a metronome with a special beep at each measurement, you will know exactly when to change). When they are acquired and mastered, move on to other, increasingly complex agreements.

Practicing Metronome

Metronome is the haunting of many musicians, yet it is thanks to him that you will develop a constant sense of rhythm. At each beep, tap the foot, watch the guitarists well in concert or on TV, they lightly tap the foot;) This is a habit that allows you to give a smooth pulse in your game. A few minutes of metronome each day is enough to develop a stable rhythmic sense.


yourself By registering, I'll warn you right away, you're going to slap yourself! The first recordings will be a real hearing torture, but they will allow you to progress in a SPECTACULAR way. Dare to register as soon as possible, this will allow you to assimilate the basics very quickly.If you have the courage, shoot yourself from the very beginning, you will see your game shortcomings and correct yourself immediately.

Treat yourself to guitar lessons!

Learning the basics is still easier with guitar lessons, so do not hesitate to go online or with a teacher in flesh and bone, with a teacher to show you the right gestures, you will learn much easier;).