How to learn electric guitar?



Wednesday 29 November 2017

How to learn electric guitar?

A childhood dream Learning

to play the electric guitar is a childhood dream, especially with the mythical films of the 90s like. The design of the electric guitars is really very attractive and modernizes the guitar universe a lot, in addition to bringing it the ability to modulate and work the audio aspect of the game on steel. A rock band makes every generation dream, we perfectly have a rock band, some beers, guitars and with a good amplifier and Endiabolated rehearsals between friends in the garage on Saturday morning.

How to get started?

The easiest way is to get an electric guitar first. To do this several ways is offered to us:

  • A guitar
  • shop An online store

I recommend buying an all-inclusive Pack that will include the electric guitar, its strap, some mediators, a plan of. Most often the material is of good value given the value for money. Here you are team and now you need to know what to play and especially how to play it. The easiest way to do this is to collect royalty-free tabs on the Internet, or buy a few for a few euros. The tablature format is very simple, each must correspond to a number ranging from 1 for the index finger to 4 for the auricular. The thumb is often denoted by the letter T.

How to learn?

Not easy to find out in the different offers of. If you are like me not very comfortable with numbering I recommend you try that offers color-based logic for greater simplicity. The advantage of the CoachGuitar method is to propose different angles of view, left hand for rhythmic, right hand on the sleeve which is animated with short and simple videos to follow. and broken down into logical structure:

  • Intro
  • Couplet
  • Refrain
  • Final

To find the online courses of the CoachGuitar method: