Friday 24 January 2020

How to have a good rhythm to the guitar

First you have to set 2 goals when you start playing guitar: * The

chords (fast and effective)

* The rhythm (playing rhythmics)


: The 3 fundamental points you need to focus on in order to have a good rhythm (I''ll come back to it in a moment..)

NOTE: The rhythm is above all a PHYSICAL story, so you have to get involved “physically” in order to get good results.

joueur guitare comment avoir un bon rythme

THE Foot! (Type time, type rhythm)

The role in this step is that he follows your metronome, your rhythm box.. whatever, he has to beat time.This may seem useless, but beating the measure is very important and crucial if you want to play in rhythm. It may also seem easy to you but it''s a blow to take, it''s not as obvious as it looks, so you have to think about training well.

IMPORTANT: Do not tap with the heel but with the front of the foot, for the simple and good reason that you risk getting tired quickly and stupidly ending with the shaking leg.We choose the foot with which we want to beat the measure with and we try to stick to it. You can change it if you''re really tired, but you don''t alternate left/right from one time to the next. In our, you can have access to our free curriculum that allows you to understand the rhythm.

joueur guitare rythmique tempo battre mesure

HAND! (right if you are right-handed, left if you are left-handed)

Hand and foot must be synchronized, they must play at the same speed, stall on the same tempo source.In this case, don''t worry, you''ll always be on time.Your hand can go at the same speed (or twice as fast if you want), the important thing is the speed ratio.If the ratio remains stable, the rhythmic will also be stable.Again, it is above all a physical story before being a brain story, as I mentioned a little earlier in the article. You will be able to try a beat of your arm and right hand on



You have to nod your head and in the same movement, the bust, to mark the tempo.And it''s only now that you''re gonna use your brain side to count to four. Then why are you gonna ask me? Because 99% of what we play is cut to 4 times.I just gave you the three pillars of the rhythm.

The physical involvement we have just talked about, also helps to transmit energy (to you and others), apart from the fact that it is also visually prettier, so your game will be more communicative than if you remain static.