How long to learn to play guitar?



Friday 27 October 2017

How long to learn to play guitar?

The question of learning time to be able to play the guitar is most certainly the question of guitar teachers. No teacher dares to advance so much depending on the motivation of the student. Well, at CoachGuitar we dare give you deadlines, because without a defined goal, how do you want to find the motivation!?

Playing a simple song is a matter of weeks

In order to be able to progress quickly, you have to have fun, the notion of pleasure in learning creates a virtuous circle that will make you want to progress. The solution to learn quickly and well is to start with super easy songs, without crossed chords, without complex chords, all animated with simple rhythms. So depending on the regularity of your practice, you will be able to learn how to play a simplified track in a few days if you are very gifted, and in a few weeks if you do not practice every day.

The real important trick to progress fast is above all to practice every day, whatever happens, even if it's only 5mn.CoachGuitar has developed its so that they are accessible to the “”, as to the casual player who seeks to improve. Choosing great beginners guitar lessons from our catalogue of more than 600 videos you will play famous songs very quickly. Our teachers have specifically studied and designed easy-to-learn versions so you can enjoy immediately.

For my part I already had some basics, I used CoachGuitar to learn the guitar accompaniment of the song “”. I took about 3 weeks to play it from A to Z correctly and memory! This is an effective method, and most importantly, the beauty of the classes is that they do not require any notion of solfeggio, you will never have to learn to read a litter!

The biggest trick to progress fast, is to play every day, and especially to play with yourself!

As soon as you are able to play a song, even the simplest, you will know that you are able to play any song, this is the first step you need to take. For my part it was the simple piece for beginners “Je L'aime à dying” by Francis Cabrel that paved the way for me and that allows me to animate beautiful evenings by the fire!