How to hold a plectrum with an electric or acoustic guitar?



Thursday 04 April 2019

How to hold a plectrum with an electric or acoustic guitar?

By moving your right arm and wrist a little, you make a sound by rubbing the pictrum on one or more: It's as simple as that. Nevertheless, you have to know how to hold it properly, and for this, here are some points to remember:

(You can also rely on the photos, it will probably be more talk).

Hold the tip of the plectrum

with your left hand, hold your right hand

relaxed and open as if you were shaking hands to someone. Fold your index finger. Place the pictrum on your right index finger, the tip of the pictrum to your left. Grasp it firmly, only the tip should protrude from the edge of the thumb. On the other hand, the wrist remains soft. It is important to keep at the idea that the hand should not tightense.

- You need to see about three minutes of the pictrum coming out of your thumb. It's very important to check this because beginners tend to let too much of the plectrum.

The front arm is slightly oblique to the strings. So the thumb and index finger of the right hand hold the pictrum and the other 3 fingers should be opened outwards (as shown in the photo). A better balance is achieved with fingers open outwards.

Tenue du médiator débutant

Do not

put your right hand on the drum of the guitar, it is a bad habit that beginners take very quickly and that you should not do. Very effective little trick, you can press the little finger of your right hand on the wood of the guitar, just below the strings.

This will serve as a support and give you better accuracy at first. Over time, you will have the opportunity to stop putting your ear with your right hand on the guitar, finally....... some great guitarists still use it, it's a matter of taste.

Playing a rope

To play a rope with a plectrum, lay the top and keep a straight angle. The plectrum must be flat on the rope. Most guitarists lean the pictrum slightly, tilting it a little straight towards the floor. This will decrease the resistance and give a much more pleasant sound.

In summary, your pictrum should point straight to the rope, horizontally between the floor and the ceiling. In CoachGuitar, you have several examples to learn how to hold your plectrum well in all circumstances and depending on the different styles of play,!

Be aware that at first, you often risk dropping your plectrum. Don't worry, it's just a matter of habit and time. The more you practice, the more accustomed you will be to using it.