Beginner's guitar piece: 3 chords



Sunday 05 November 2017

Beginner's guitar piece: 3 chords

You are a great beginner in guitar and you want to play a song quickly! It can be understood, it's a pleasure to be able to chain chords and associate a little melody with them while singing. I still remember the first time I played a full track, it was just great.

The easy track for beginners: Talking about a revolution

Looking for the easiest track ever, without strikes? and especially without large movements of hands? CoachGuitar found it for you and provided you by the way. Well in fact we lied to you a little bit, there are not 3 chords, but 4, but 2 chords are almost identical so we dared;)

The interest of this piece is that there is always a finger leaning, which means that your hand is never lost, flying and “panicking” over the sleeve. All you have to do is know the following 3 chords: G, C, E Minor and D. Your ring finger will always remain in the same position on this piece, which means it will serve as a pivot for the rest of your hand. This pivot technique allows you to play and especially to learn quickly is good, because you always have a tactile and visual cue that places your hand accurately.

Right-hand rhythm: easy!

The rhythm of the right hand for this piece is very easy: Low Low Low High High Low High Low. The G, C and Min Minor are played with the 2 high strings frated in box 3. So only your index finger and middle finger move, that's what makes this song super easy!

Ground: Low BasDo: High High Low High High Low High Low Low Low Low Low Low Low Low Low You just have to play this in a loop and you will be able to play the full track, the ease of this song is that there is no chorus, no bridge. So it does not require a huge effort of memory, it is ideal for the beginner who wants to start slowly but surely;)

If you want the course on video,.