Guitar lessons online for a fee. Easy and visual lessons.



Wednesday 25 October 2017

Guitar lessons online for a fee. Easy and visual lessons.

You've been around the web, you've peeled every free guitar lesson on Youtube, and you've realized the obvious, the lessons are not detailed enough and learning is made difficult. Sometimes they are even incomplete, see wacky. And yes the free has a price, and quite often it's a huge advertisement at the beginning, see in the middle of the course.

CoachGuitar: Easy, accurate and complete guitar lessons

What you need to know is that behind CoachGuitar there is a team of enthusiasts. Each member is a guitarist, some are beginners, others are professional. It is thanks to the different levels present within the team that we have been able to carry out courses adapted for everyone. From the great beginner to the advanced player. We have not forgotten the left-handed ones, since the method allows you to take guitar lessons for left-handed and right-handed! The method allows you to learn complete pieces of different styles. There are, of course, variety, classics, but also recent pop songs. Classical guitar players are also not forgotten as many titles are offered to them.

Guitar lessons without solfegge

If reading a staff or tablature makes you sick, you'll love CoachGuitar. Our courses are entirely visual. You will have a complete view of the guitar neck, with the finger location displayed in real time. You will also have both hands of the guitar teacher displayed in close-up. It sounds like nothing, but being able to visualize the teacher's hands allows you to learn the gestures correctly, and thus play the guitar well. If the tablatures don't scare you, the method offers you complete and correct tablatures, so you can also use this learning mode if that's what you prefer.

You can play with a band

is good, but having fun and learning is even better! CoachGuitar offers a “Karaoke” mode without guitar, where you can accompany a full band (singer/singer included!) , so even if you are alone, lost in the depths of the woods and you don't have the opportunity to gather musicians around you, you will be able to play in a “virtual” group.

Courses complementary to your current method

You can already take guitar lessons with a teacher near you. Then you certainly work a lot of technique and few pieces. This is quite normal, in general guitar teachers don't have the ability to customize each course for each student, so they have a technical learning line that then allows you to evolve on your own. CoachGuitar allows you to fill this gap by offering you to work with complete songs that you have chosen.