What gift to give to a guitarist?



Friday 27 October 2017

What gift to give to a guitarist?

Whether it's for Christmas or birthday, or just for the pleasure of giving, finding a gift for a musician, and more precisely a guitarist is not so easy as it seems!

Know the type of guitar and the level of the guitarist

Before giving a gift to a guitarist, it is imperative to know the type of guitar he has. Some accessories are specifically designed for electric guitars, others for classical guitars, and others for folk guitars (those with metal strings).

If you know that the person is a beginner, why not just him? CoachGuitar are online courses, adapted to all levels, from beginner to advanced player. The method offers you to learn complete songs, so you can have fun together with your family, around the fire, and have a good time singing all together!

Universal gifts Among

the gifts that work independently of the type of guitar are:

  • The electronic tuner: there are super cute ones
  • The cleaning product: cleaning a guitar requires specific products that do not damage the wood
  • Picks: a cheap and practical gift, a pouch filled with various picks is always fun, we can also find personalised ones!
  • A dictionary of chords: especially reserved for beginners, such a book is super practical to find finger positions on the sleeve!

For folk guitar

  • An electronic tuner owl is good for campfires!
  • Strings made of silk and steel: strings with silk, it hurts the fingers much less and the sound is superb
  • A capo to alter the tone: ideal for singing with the family and finding the right tone for singers

. For classical guitar The classical

guitarist is very demanding, he will be very difficult to please him, often he does not need equipment because he plays on an instrument that is devoid of any artifice. However, you can offer it luxury guitar strings such as the La Bella Argento for example, which are in silver and delivered in a beautiful box, for about 25-30 €, making it an affordable gift. If you know that the person is taking care of their nails with the right hand, you can also offer them a beautiful nail kit (at Royal Classics).

For electric guitar
  • An electronic skull tuner, it's rock n roll (photo right)
  • Strings for heavy metal, blues or other style: you will have to know the pulling (10/46 works in 99% of case)
  • An adapter jack to be able to play headphones: Vox Amplug2 for example, to end the noise in the apartment!

Still not the idea you need? The site also offers a beautiful selection of gift ideas for musicians!