CoachGuitar Gift Card: the promo of the year


CoachGuitar Gift Card

How not to succumb to the pleasure of offering the gift of playing music? CoachGuitar allows you to realize this wish by offering guitar lessons to the person of your choice! Nothing simpler, a simple gift card in electronic form that gives unlimited access to the entire CoachGuitar course catalogue and available everywhere. This corresponds to several hundred guitar pieces that are easy to play, which allows you to learn to play fast, without frustration.

The easiest guitar lessons

CoachGuitar are the easiest accompaniment guitar lessons on the internet. No knowledge or learning of musical theory will be required. CoachGuitar focuses on learning by example, and you'll be surprised to see the progress made in just a few days by the guitarist student! It's just amazing.

How do I buy these guitar lessons for a third party?

You simply enter the name and email address of the person who will receive your gift as well as an optional small message. Finally, a date of receipt ensures that your gift arrives electronically in the email of the lucky one. The order is carried out in the simplest way possible, namely by an online purchase form by Carte Bleu, Visa, or by Paypal. With one click your order is placed. You will immediately receive an email confirming your order and it is only necessary to wait until the D-day you have agreed to make a happy.To fill out the registration form go to.

At the reception of the gift card

The person who receives your digital gift will first be very curious, and as soon as they understand that these are easy guitar lessons for great beginners, will inevitably be happy. The magic is that she will instantly benefit from her gift using the unique code assigned to her. Simply log in to the CoachGuitar platform and enter her code to enable unlimited access to all courses in the catalog for a period of one year. in this Christmas season to delight your friends or loved ones who are starting or simply want to progress on the guitar with a revolutionary and super simple method. Cherry on the cake (or the Christmas tarpaulin), it is especially you who will enjoy great family concerts, indeed, the guitar has the power to bring people together and give them a smile in songs and singing!

Written by Brizzly
on 2017-10-21 17:40:42

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