First guitar chord: E Minor



Saturday 03 March 2018

First guitar chord: E Minor

You just bought your first guitar and now it's time to ring it! No time to waste, you put your fingers on the handle, and “patatra” sounds like a saucepan! Don't worry, it's normal!

First Agreement: E Minor

The important thing in the guitar is to start with simple things, which do not hurt the fingers too much (although for this there are!).

The simplest chord to the guitar is probably the E Minor, also noted Em in English. You will find the Anglo-Saxon notation on most guitar methods, this notation is actually easier to remember and especially shorter to write!

Before moving on to the fingering necessary for this chord, it is imperative to tune your guitar, indeed, it is impossible without having a guitar tuned correctly. For this we offer you one, as well as one. If you have an electronic tuner, it will of course just as well. You must tune your guitar in EADGBE either Mi La Ré Sol Si Mi.

All right, let's get back to our E Minor!

Important: The strings are numbered from the mid high string to the lowest string, which is also an mid, often the beginner feels like counting the strings upside down! String 1 is therefore the most acute string on your guitar and the String 6 is the most serious.

To play this chord you will only need 2 fingers, the index finger and middle finger. Simply place the index finger in the second square, 5th string (the one just before the worst), and your middle finger in the second square, but 4th string. Here you are ready to play your first chord! , Scratch all strings, and magic, your guitar produces a beautiful sound!