Elixir: long lasting guitar strings



Tuesday 05 December 2017

Elixir: long lasting guitar strings

Elixir may not tell you anything, yet it was the company that revolutionized since the end of the 1990s. She was the first to succeed in the feat of designing a rope that almost did not oxidize. It was thanks to an ultra-thin proprietary coating (as thin as a hair) that the American tailpiece made this tour de force.

Polyweb: the first anti-corrosion coating

It was in 1997 that Elixir revealed the Elixir Polyweb strings. They are still adored today by many guitarists, whether they are beginners or professionals. The coating that protects the spun strings is relatively thick, allowing it to fill gaps between the spinning turns. The result is an almost smooth rope (one can not say flat net, but one approaches it). Thanks to this process the noises of moving fingers sound almost zero, to the delight of acoustic guitarists, the guitar sounds more “pure”, without stray noises. However, the thickness (minimal), of the Elixir Polyweb coating alters the sound of the strings, which appears to be slightly more felted, some guitarists love, others hate.

Nanoweb: the second coating... thinner!

Nanoweb takes its name from the “nanometer”, meaning “10 power minus 9 meters”! Thanks to the scientific advances of Elixir engineers, the Polyweb coating becomes much thinner, of the order of the nanometer. Strings sound much brighter and brighter than their polyweb equivalent, while maintaining their durability. These strings are available for electric guitar and folk guitar.

Optiweb: the third generation for electric guitar

Optiweb was born from the remarks of electric guitarists who used Polyweb and Nanoweb strings. Indeed, the coating made of goretex (a synthetic material), has the drawback of filtering the magnetic response of the guitar, somehow, imagine a piece of plastic that sheathed an electric cable, the signal no longer passes well. Elixir worked on a system of durable strings for electric guitar and concocted the Optiweb strings, with an intact response time, so attack and sustain without any loss.