What electric guitar strings for the beginner?



Sunday 19 November 2017

What electric guitar strings for the beginner?

La is most likely the easiest guitar to play in terms of fretage. The are very close to the handle, which gives an apparent impression of ease. However, the quality of the strings will greatly influence your progress and your learning in general.

Rotosound roto strings: for breakers!

If you have a rather violent game, it is inevitable that someday you will break strings. In 90% of cases it will be the acute E (also called E chanterelle). This string is the thinnest, but also the most stressed in solos, it is inevitably the one that will break first... The English brand Rotosound had the great idea to provide 2 strings of mid treble in each game. Just think about it! Moreover, the price of these strings is really very cheap given the quality of the game.

BlackSmith AOT for electric

BlackSmith, it is the only brand of Korean strings to our knowledge. These are long-lasting strings that have been passed to liquid nitrogen and then coated with carbon. Strings withstand long without loss of sound. Carbon allows a glide that does not hack the frets (bends tend to wear out the frets abnormally). These are great strings that offer exceptional gaming comfort due to their flexibility.

La Bella HRS

A very comfortable and unfamiliar game of French guitarists. Its low price, durability and flexibility make it an excellent choice for beginners. Maybe the packaging does not like the French market, it's hard to know, it's true that “la bella” is not too rock as the name:)

Elixir Optiweb Optiweb

of elixir, it's the answer of the Elixir brand to manufacturers of long-lasting ropes of blacksmith type and others. We don't know the technology used on these strings. All we know is that they last a long time and the response time is not altered by any protective sheath.

Cleartone Nickel Molecularly Processed

The string set by Dave Mustaine (Mr. Megadeath and Metallica, just that). These are long-lasting strings that also increase microphone performance (better response times and more power). Personally, I think they hurt their fingers a little, because of the more sererous spinning.

DR Strings Pure Blues: to play the blues!

What could be better than a good American string brand to play American music? DR Strings delight us with an ultra comfortable and typed set of strings. A blee box with a simplistic design, which does not sell you a dream, but reality lies in the quality of the string set. Always on top with DR Strings, this luthier is one of the few still to make his strings by hand! And honestly, it feels in the sound product, whether you like or not, the difference is heard.