Take electric guitar lessons for beginners



Saturday 18 November 2017

Take electric guitar lessons for beginners

You just bought a superb electric guitar, a telecaster fender, stratocaster or a nice lag (and yes the French also know how to make beautiful electric guitars!) and you are looking for courses for, lessons for the beginner. You have just found the perfect method, the one that will make you progress quickly and well, and above all without any notion of solfeggio required.

CoachGuitar: Learn electric guitar through video

Whether you're looking to play solos or play for accompaniment in a group, CoachGuitar offers simple and effective lessons. The method is very simple and most importantly, it is very detailed. The left hand of the guitar teacher is filmed in close-up, as well as his right hand. A live animated guitar neck shows you exactly where and how to place your fingers. Indeed, the “how” is important, because incorrect finger placement prevents fluid chords changes, so you sometimes have to respect certain movements in order not to be blocked. And this is where the CoachGuitar method makes all the difference. The lessons are thought out in advance so that the beginner on guitar does not feel lost. Each gesture is studied so that it can be reproducible quickly, without a “crisis of nerves”! And if you really feel stuck, you can replay the videos in slow motion, so you can quietly study and decipher the gestures to play the electric guitar and produce a good sound, and a good rhythm.

Electric guitar playbacks In addition to

the courses offered to you, each track has an accompaniment track (like karaoke without a guitar if you can say so), you can train with professional musicians at home quietly. The method accompanies you throughout your classes, from simple exercise, to accompaniment with a real band (singer/singer included!). With hundreds and hundreds of known songs, from 1960s rock to current pop, you will inevitably find songs you like and on which you will want to learn and progress on guitar. And if you wondered, know that it goes very quickly with this method, if you practice a little every day, you will be able to play full songs in a few weeks.