Easy tuto for beginner guitarist



Sunday 25 February 2018

Easy tuto for beginner guitarist

You hold her in your hands, she's beautiful, she's folk, she's electric or classic, can be even gypsy jazz who knows! Your first guitar is brand new, but now you'd like to play it and FASTE! So you are like any self-respecting beginner, taped to the screen of your tablet or computer and you are looking for courses and tutorials to play a song quickly...

How to progress quickly on the guitar?

Guitar, like all musical instruments, requires a longer or shorter learning time depending on your level. So don't expect to play a full song within an hour of purchase, it's almost impossible, and it's quite normal.

Before you play full pieces, you have to learn, what guitar teachers call “vocabulary in the fingers”. It's about knowing at least 3 simple chords. It's actually as if you're learning your first child words, “mom” “dad” “baby”, except that here it's guitar chords: for example C, G, The Minor or more generally, because these are the easiest: The D, E major.

Don't get me wrong, with these 3 chords you'll be able to do miracles, and amuse the gallery and seduce the girls (if that's your goal!). The correct learning of these first 3 gestures will be decisive, see capital in the rest of your learning of the instrument. Indeed, they will allow you to feel the motivation constantly, because having the ability to play simple songs, you will have fun, it is through the path of fun that success is!

CoachGuitar: easy to profuse tutos

At CoachGuitar, we have not forgotten the difficulty of the first guitar lessons, so we have concocted you a method that will allow you to learn to play simple guitar tracks, quickly and above all that sounds right and good! Each of our beginner classes is customized, with close-up, slow motion modes, and above all an ultra-detailed description of the handle and placement of fingers and picks. You will be surprised to play a full song in just a few minutes of practice every day. So, what are you waiting for to try it? Registration is completely free!