27 Easy songs to learn on electric guitar !



Monday 12 February 2018

27 Easy songs to learn on electric guitar !

Are you a newbie on the guitar? Are you looking for easy songs for electric guitar to start playing? In this article we will provide you with a list of easy songs that may interest you.

Below I will present a list of easy songs for electric guitar for you to have different options and can choose which songs to start playing. This list is a compilation of suggestions from our team and from other colleagues I consulted. When you start learning the guitar it is important to choose an accessible list of songs.

Easy sons to learn on electric guitar

Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water 
The Cranberries – Zombie
The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army 
Metallica – Blitzkrieg
Metallica – From whom the bell tolls
Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills
Audio Slave – Like a Stone
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Californication
Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger
Pantera – Walk
Guns n roses – Don’t cry
Megadeth – Symphony of destruction
Motorhead – Ace of Spades
Poison – Talk dirty to me
The Offspring – Original prankster
Blink 182 – All the small things
Papa Roach – Last Resort
Judas Priest – Breaking The Law
Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
Carlos Santana – I Love You Much Too Much
Ozzy Ousborne – Crazy Train
AC-DC – Hell Bells
AC-DC – Back in Black
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Nirvana – Come as You Are
Black Sabbath – Paranoid
Black Sabbath – Iron Man

If you are just beginning to play guitar and do not know which songs to start playing this list of songs can serve you.

If a title catches your attention, you can learn it in CoachGuitar Service Here.

You can also find lessons on how to play the song you want. You can also look for the tablatures and when you have mastered it you can go to the Backing Tracks and play it with the other instruments.