Easy guitar piece to motivate yourself



Thursday 22 February 2018

Easy guitar piece to motivate yourself

Not easy to start the guitar! Indeed, very often the fingers do not respond, and above all, when you see a guitarist playing, everything looks so easy!

Choose your first piece of guitar

Before you start the last solo of M or Opeth, you have to go through the box “simple piece”, it's inevitable. Choosing this first piece is crucial for keeping motivation. If you choose a piece that is too difficult, you will very quickly get discouraged and give up the instrument.

That's why CoachGuitar online guitar lessons have an entire section dedicated to ultra-simple songs (in addition to techniques for great beginners). Knowing how to play a simple piece quickly will make you realize that you are perfectly able to play the guitar and thus improve yourself.

Which pieces to choose?

Among the simplest tracks, there is of course the legendary title “Talking about a revolution” by Tracy Chapman. This title is particularly interesting because there are no barred or complex agreements. Moving very smoothly from one chord to another, without moving all fingers, which greatly limits the difficulty, gives you pleasure, and thus makes you progress quickly on the guitar.

Recent tracks specially set for beginners

Guitar coach teachers have thought of you, offering you simplified versions, accessible to beginners in guitar. We regularly add current titles to the course catalogue: Ed Sheeran with Castle on the Hill, Katy Perry with Chained to the Rythm, Cheerleader OMI, and many other artists such as Adèle, Beyoncé, Elvis Presley, James arthur) but also more classic titles such as “Billy Jean” by Mickael Jackson, Red Hot Chilly Peppers and other famous rock bands such as AC/DC, Guns and Roses etc.

With CoachGuitar you will succeed in playing the guitar, and you will be the first surprised!