Beginner guitar tablature: we found it easier!


Beginner guitar tablature: we found it easier!

As a beginner guitarist you want to play songs, and we're in tune with you! Playing songs with friends and family is the best way to spend a pleasant time! So maybe like me, you downloaded one day or the other a complete tablature, which is said to be easy, and despite all your efforts you didn't manage to play it. Don't worry, it's normal, we've all been through the... A tablature is not just finger positions to respect, it is also to know how to read the rhythm, and find the correct sense of picks and the right fingers to use for the in the case of a finger style piece.

Coach Guitar: the really easy method

CoachGuitar was born from this simple observation, scores and tabs are difficult to read when you don't know anything about it, even when you start. Indeed, how to understand rhythm, left hand movements and right hand gestures, all this is not explained on the newly printed score. It's a kind of easy tutorial for the guitar.

With guitar coach you can:

    • Learn styles (Funk, Reggae, Blues, Pop, Metal Etc.)

    So we decided to build our guitar lessons around this formula: take a known piece of guitar, and shred it into small, easy-to-play sections. Each song is categorized according to its level of difficulty. So we recommend starting with the easy guitar pieces for beginners, so you can make your hand with the method.

    You will see 2 videos in close-up, the left hand and the right hand of the guitarist. Then a guitar neck is also present, with big dots of colors where you can place your fingers. Each color point represents a finger of the left hand. I put little colored patches on my fingers, it helps me not to be mistaken. If you are a girl, you can put nail varnish of each color, you will be quiet, no risk of error. At the right hand level, you will see exactly in which direction to scratch the guitar strings. All you have to do is overlay (in slow motion at the beginning), on what the teacher shows you, and in a few hours of work you will be surprised to play a full song, rhythm and above all that sounds!

    Better than an easy guitar score: the CoachGuitar method

    Having gone through all possible methods for learning the guitar, whether on books, DVDs, Internet, it became obvious to us that there was a big missing walk, which one? Pleasure, of course. Learning the guitar through fun, with simple goals that can be reached and accessible to everyone, is the best way to create a click in the learner. That's why at CoachGuitar we developed a color-based method in which the user reproduces what he sees by mimicry. No constraints or interference disturb the practice of guitar. We look at the teacher, we observe the animations that show us step by step how to place your fingers, which strings are played and in which direction the pictrum should be played. All the information is there... no need for music, you learn by reproducing what you see. Try it is adopt it.

    A multitude of easy tablatatures of known songs

    At Coach Guitar we have understood that you want to play songs that you like. In order to motivate you in learning your instrument we have and we constantly add new known songs (and less known ones, you can also make a special request from the student interface). Here you will find classic Rolling Stones, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, but also recent titles by Beyoncé, Rihana, Ed Sheeran and much more!

    Here is an example of a course to learn at CoachGuitar