Guitar for beginners: finger pain


The guitar for beginners: the finger ache

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One of the recurring problems of the beginner guitarist, it is finger pain. Many students, moreover, give up the guitar because of pain!

Practicing little but often

At the beginning of your learning, you often want to play long hours and hours. But voila, the fingers are not yet ready to withstand the tension of. It's even more true if you have a folk guitar with metal strings, it's the guitar that hurts your fingers most! The solution is to practice a little bit every day, as if you were doing a little “footing” every day, you do some 10-15 minutes exercises every day. Your fingers will gradually develop a natural resistance and the horn (harder skin), will begin to appear at your fingertips.

Reducing the pull of strings

Whether on electric, acoustic or classical guitar, reducing the pull of strings is one of the solutions. You will need to press a lot less hard on each rope to make it ring well. If you play in light switch to extra light. If the extra light really hurts you again, try the super light (it may be necessary to have your guitar adjusted by a luthier to use this rather rare pulling). On classical guitar, the light pulling is very easy to play. There are also strings games dedicated to beginners (La Bella SweetTone, Royal Classics Preludio) that are easy to play that reconcile the beginner with his guitar.

Fingerache and Folk Guitar

If you're playing on Folk guitar and it really hurts your fingers, the D'Addario tailpiece has invented nylon strings for acoustic steel strings. These games are known as EJ32 and EJ322, they fit on all folk guitars. Be careful though, with these games you will lose a bit of power, but you will also lose your fingerache! Isn't life beautiful?

If, however, you don't want to play on nylon strings for folk guitar because of the loss of power, we recommend installing “silk and steel” strings (Fisoma or La Bella), these strings are softer under your fingers but keep their “steel” side, it's simply stunning when you try them, plus balance Warm sound of this type of strings makes it an ideal companion for.

Electric guitar

On electric guitar, it may not be possible to reduce the pulling without passing your guitar to the luthier, this is all the more true if you have a vibrato. The electric guitar is then specifically tuned for a specific pull (e.g. 9/42,9/46,10/46 etc.).

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