Day 1 Guitar: first guitar lesson



Saturday 09 December 2017

Day 1 Guitar: first guitar lesson

You have just had a beautiful guitar, no matter whether it is classical, folk or electric, you want to play it and treat yourself! But where to start?

Check the condition of the strings

Before starting in the heart of the subject, it is important to check the condition of the strings. If this is a guitar watch that you have recovered, it is most likely that the strings need to be replaced. Oxidized strings will prevent you from playing properly, on the one hand because they will be very unpleasant under your fingers, on the other hand because they will not match.

How to recognize too old guitar strings?

1: If you do not have a new set of strings to compare the visual appearance, be aware that too old strings will leave a metal smell on your fingers. Rub your fingers against the large strings of the guitar, then feel your fingers, if the smell is of the type “copper” or “dirty metal” (this is very characteristic), your strings are dead, you need to change them.

2: If you can't tune them quickly, your strings are good to be changed...

If you do not know which strings to buy, we wrote you.

Tuning your guitar

Phase number 2 is tuning your guitar. If you are lucky enough to have an electronic tuner it's easy, follow the instructions on the screen. Often tuners even tell you the number of the string you are playing. In 99.99% of cases your tuning will be Mi La Ré Si Mi. (in order from bass to high cords).

If you do not have a tuner, do not try to tune your guitar to the ear, it is quite difficult and it will frustrate you... We offer you.

Learn to play guitar quickly

Like everyone you want to play songs and fast! This is where the CoachGuitar method comes in. It has been designed to teach you how to play easily and quickly. Highly detailed and close-up videos won't make you feel like you're lost on the neck of your guitar. Everything is explained, step by step. You'll be able to take classes in slow motion, and in just a few hours you'll hear the beginning of an easy track playing under your fingers! You probably won't believe your own ears! So ready to play and take your first guitar lesson ?