Classical guitar or folk guitar? What to choose?



Sunday 05 November 2017

Classical guitar or folk guitar? What to choose?

To make your first steps on the guitar, we always recommend an acoustic guitar rather than an electric one. Which one to choose then, classical guitar or folk guitar? If both are part of the same family, each has its own peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses... here they are.

The classical guitar, for ease and identity The

classical guitar offers soft, round, warm and quite serious sounds. Thus, it adapts perfectly to fingerpicking, in other words descending from arpeggios to fingers. In addition, the classical guitar makes it possible to sublimate styles such as bossa nova, jazz, classical, flamenco, as well as all Hispanic and world music. Conversely, it is not suitable for contemporary music, pop and rock.

The classical guitar uses nylon, lined for larger ones with a metal coating, more generally silver. Because their diameter is quite large, they only hurt the fingers very little. However, the neck of a classical guitar is particularly thick, so making a crossed out can be quite difficult, especially for the youngest and small hands.

The folk guitar, for versatility and modernity

Unlike its cousin, the folk guitar offers more strident, metallic and cold sounds. Its strings are made of steel, the sound is also sharper, the notes are crisp and sharp. This makes it perfect for styles like rock, blues and country. The accompaniment to singing is also more appropriate with a folk guitar than with a classic. Especially for the first solos, difficult moments when the horn of the fingers begins to develop. Finally, we can add that roughly, the folk guitar is the intermediate between classical and electric. Indeed, its thin and long handle (2 more squares), its large size and its easy use on the plectrum bring it closer to an electric.

In conclusion, it all depends on your musical universe and your plans for evolution with the instrument. At the moment, given the unbridled development of pop and variety and the revival of interest in rock, starting with folk guitar seems the most suitable solution in terms of versatility. If you are not afraid to hurt your fingers (because yes, a folk guitar string, it stings a little at first...) it is to this one that it is advisable to wear your choice.