21 guitar chords for beginners



Monday 23 October 2017

21 guitar chords for beginners

Chords There are guitar chords that everyone should know how to play, especially guitar chords for beginners, chords needed to accompany a voice or just to play and have fun. Here you will find 21 chords in total, divided into major, minor and seventh chords. Study them little by little and pay attention to the chords with capo, do not despair if you do not get there right away. Patience will make you move forward. A

major chordis

a chord containing a fundamental note, a third and a fifth. If you have these three notes, it's called a triad chord. These guitar chords, with minor chords, are the most basic and important chords of music, with a harmonious and brilliant sound, they are said to be “Merry”.

Both universes of chords are usually classified with note names (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si) or Anglo-Saxon notation (C, D, E, F, G, A, B). On the other hand, if a major or minor chord has the order of altered notes, we say it is reversed. Here is more information about inverted guitar chords.



minor chord for its part also has a fundamental one, a third minor and a right fifth. The theory for differentiating the sound of these two chords is very simple. Minor chords have a sadder sound than major chords. A bit like they were designed for dramatic films. Look, you'll see the difference.



There are 3 types of seventh chords. The chords of seventh major, seventh minor and seventh dominant. The ones here are those of the seventh dominant. They consist of the fundamental, the third major, the fifth just and the seventh minor. If it looks like Chinese, I recommend that you learn how to identify intervals. If you just want to know how to play them, click on the chord you want to learn.


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