Choose between learning piano or guitar...



Wednesday 21 February 2018

Choose between learning piano or guitar...

Your heart swings between these two magnificent instruments? The choice is difficult, the piano is a magnificent instrument that offers almost endless possibilities. The guitar is romantic and easy to carry everywhere...

The price of the instrument

Even if there are guitars at 10000€, the entry point on this instrument is often around 100€ to have an entry-level guitar with a correct sound, Yamaha C40 for example in classical guitar, there are also super correct models in Folk in this price range, at Cort ( Australian guitars) and Lag (French guitar manufacturer) notably. In electric guitar we find very good models at G&L at very attractive prices.In the field of piano, fortunately electronics arrived and allowed the invention of digital piano heavy touch. It takes about 300 euros for. However, it is often necessary to add the price of the seat and the X stand or the wooden stand. This actually brings the price of the instrument towards 400€.

The price of consumables

The advantage of digital piano is that once it is in your possession, you won't have to buy anything anymore. With the guitar, you will have to change the strings regularly, as this part wears out. Count about 10 to 20€. Some models of strings do not need to be changed often, these are long-lasting ropes of type and Blacksmith for example. Which can last several months! The big advantage (and disadvantage) of changing sound and that you can change the sound of your instrument by changing the brand of strings. It sounds like nothing, but this phase really allows you to reveal your sound identity. Guitar strings are an underrated accessory of the guitarist, while they are the ones that produce the sound!

Learn the instrument

So is it easier to? Difficult to say, however with the piano it is very often necessary to go through the “school” box, ie, solfeège, reading, scales... Before you can play and have fun, you can spend 2 years before you can have fun (depending on your memory capacity and time spent working).

The guitar is a separate instrument. Indeed, it is an instrument of oral tradition. So you don't necessarily need to learn theoretical music to play it. It is in this spirit that these were created. We teach you how to play full songs, quickly, without any musical knowledge. It's like you have a friend, a guitar teacher standing next to you all the time, and showing you what to do. The big advantage of the guitar is that the acquired gestures will serve you for all the songs you want to play. This is what music teachers call “acquiring vocabulary in your fingers”, CoachGuitar teaches you how to “speak” guitar, little by little, smoothly and effectively!