Choosing an electric guitar for children



Tuesday 12 December 2017

Choosing an electric guitar for children

Once we have known all the brands that bet on this instrument, the amount of models to choose from and the accessories that make this musical instrument a unique ensemble with which you can go on stage, we want to stop by the options that the guitar gives us as a that such for every generation we know is so great that we, poor parents confused, would like to please our children. But here, electric guitars for my little ones are rare among the big brands. That's why we have selected for you a list that will help you choose your electric guitar correctly.

guitar kids Simba Toys

Simba Toys

The guitar is 56 cm long and has metal strings. To get real rock effects, press the demo button. Available in two colours: red and black.

Price: 25€

Pure Tone - Guitar Kids

Pure Tone: Kids electric guitar pack

The guitar measures 56 cm in length and it has metal strings. To get real rock effects, press the demo button. Available in two colours: red and black.

Price: 75€


Eagletone Sun State Mini Electric Guitar Stratocaster 3/4 for Children Blue

The EAGLETONE SUN STATE MINI is the perfect instrument for children wanting to start the electric guitar! Of 3/4 size, its weight, shape and length of its handle are perfectly studied for learning.

Price: 69€


Reig - 844 - 4-String Electric Guitar Set +Micro Flash +Baffle

Electric Guitar with 4 String.

Amplifier speaker with lights, inputs for microphone and guitar, on/off switch, with extra long cable, extendable foot with clip to fix the microphone. Minimum age: 4 years

Price: 47€

Wolfbush guitare électrique enfant

WOLFBUSH Multi-function Kids Electric Guitar - 4 Strings

This is a perfect guitar for all beginners. It is sized and equipped for the smallest players. Children will be encouraged and enthusiastic about playing music, and when playing an instrument specially designed for them, this musical spark can ignite.

Price: 30€

TS ideen - Guitare électrique enfant

TS-ideen 1/4 electric guitar for children from 4 to 8 years old with speaker, case and replacement strings Red

Want to rock like the big ones? This is now possible thanks to the electric guitar of the brand “ts Music Fidelity” with built-in amp and speaker, wooden box varnished in high gloss red - Maple fingerboard with black inlays - Screwed neck in solid maple

Price: 65€

Small Foot Company - 3302 - Electric Guitar - Red

This trendy 6-string guitar on a solid wood handle is the electric dream of all Hendrix and Santana fans! And it's for little children.

Price: 93€

Guitare électrique enfant lexibook

Lexibook - K2600L - Electric Guitar with Amp

This electric guitar is the indispensable instrument to learn to play like a real pro, any Where and anytime! The perfect electric guitar to get started! Plectrum and strap included. Size: about 81 cm long - 6 nylon strings. - Wooden and chrome. - 1 portable amplifier. - 1 jack output to connect the guitar to the amp. - Cable

Price: 95€

You can offer guitar lessons to your children with!