Cheap Home Guitar Lessons



Tuesday 21 November 2017

Cheap Home Guitar Lessons

Subscriptions for mobile phone, internet, TV and other monthly services are a significant amount. So when it comes time to take music lessons and especially guitar lessons, it's sometimes a cold shower on the rates. Indeed, a private guitar teacher based in the province offers rates around 20 to 25€per hour. On and large cities prices are flying, which is quite normal given the time spent in transport, and the cost of local living.

Guitar lessons online with CoachGuitar

CoachGuitar is a website but also mobile apps that offer you guitar lessons directly from the screen of your computer or tablet. So you won't have a time slot to respect, it's simple, you take classes when you want to!

How much does a guitar class cost?

At CoachGuitar we have made simplicity our master word. You have the choice between 2 formulas, one at 9.99€/month and the other much more advantageous at 70€per year. There is no term commitment, you can terminate at any time. And no, you won't need to send mail by mail, you just need to stop paying, it's as simple as that!

It is also possible to.

How long will it take to play easy tracks?

We have already addressed this issue in this article dedicated to. What you need to take into account is the time spent each day, a few minutes daily will have more impact than occasional work on weekends for example. A studious student who chooses a course based on a beginner song can play it in just a few weeks, that's all the beauty of the CoachGuitar method. The simple songs offered to you use easy-to-make chords, which do not stress the hands, moreover the rhythms are slowly broken down so you can reproduce each exercise without panicking! Slow motion and zoom on the hands allows you to fully assimilate every gesture the teacher gives you.